Jessica mick

Jess Mick grew up in the Pacific Northwest, fishing with her dad and exploring the forest. Family, childhood and nature are constant themes in her work, influenced by her childhood on the Oregon Coast. Most of her work is created in the medium of fabric in the form of plush toys and soft sculpture. She has been sewing since her mom handed her a scrap of fleece, a needle and thread when she was three years old. Her childhood love of soft toys has carried through to become present in her main art practice, creating fun and functional forms of art and craft.

Jess’s art practice is materials-based, she spends many hours researching and experimenting to find the right way to use different types of fabrics. In her pieces she uses everything from plush minky fabric to rough wool felt. She taught herself to pattern-draft in her senior year of high school and has continued to refine her techniques to create sellable plush toys and fine art soft sculpture